Referral Program

Grant $100 and Earn $300

How it Works

DM me on IG or Email:

“Referral Program” to @cloudconnections_ or email with title “Referral Program”

Share code of your choice

ex: Use discount “CLOUD” when registering for $100 off

Note: Referee to input the code into the "Referral Code" section in the Calendly booking section.

Get Paid

If your friend uses your code, Cloud Connections will credit their booking and send you an email confirmation that payment is on the way

Connections Beyond the Cloud

When you partner with Cloud Connections and your friend books through your designated code, they get $100 to use for their celebration and you’ll receive $300.

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You are welcome to make any edits and brand changes for your page. Make sure to add your referral code and share your unique code with us:


  1. Any of your friends who have always wanted to try Cloud Connections but haven’t traveled with us yet. You cannot refer anyone who is already booked on an upcoming trip.
  2. The fine print: You cannot refer someone who already traveled with Cloud Connections, who is booked on an upcoming program or someone who someone else referred. Referral rewards can’t be combined with any other offer or any other discount. Referral rewards are non transferable and subject to the referral traveling with Cloud Connections. For further details please refer to the federal terms and conditions.
  1. Anyone with a passion for digital nomad festival travel and shares a similar vision to the Cloud Connections brand
  1. You will get an email confirmation within 30 days of when your referral books their first celebration with instructions on how to receive your money, all prices in USD.
  1. Yes, if your referral confirms and pays for the celebration, you will receive your fee regardless of their cancellation
  1. Nope! As long as your referral books the Calendly call with Cloud Connections and pays for the experience, you’re able to make and get paid for as many referrals as you bring
  1. In addition to the referral code, we will ask them how they found out about Cloud Connections and as long as they mention you and your referral code and books the celebration through us, we will email you payout instructions.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) govern your participation in the Affiliate Referral Program (“Program”) offered by Cloud Connections LLC (“Company”). By participating in the Program, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.