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Elevate Your Lifestyle: Unveiling the Ultimate Coliving Experience for Digital Nomads in Florianópolis, Brazil: HomeCool

Retreat to Florianópolis, where the rhythmic waves of the Atlantic Ocean meet the vibrant culture of Brazil, offering an unparalleled coliving experience for digital nomads and travelers seeking both serenity, safety and connection. Nestled amidst the lush greenery in Southern Brazil with over 40 pristine beaches, this hidden gem beckons with promises of community, adventure, and a taste of tropical paradise. What exactly is coliving? A modern living arrangement where individuals share communal spaces and resources, fostering a sense of community and collaboration, often favored by digital nomads seeking connection and convenience. Journey: Imagine getting out of a grueling 20+ hour bus ride from Foz do Iguacu and finally arriving on the island of Florianopolis to be greeted by genuinely excited people in the heart of the city. These guys, I learned later, were the housemates staying with my partner and myself. They were so friendly and offered to help grab the luggage which after a long travel day was well appreciated. Arriving at HomeCool Coliving: The place was filled with light with floor to ceiling windows and plants all around, it felt like stepping into a tropical garden. I met Maria, the hostess who owns the HomeCool coliving. Her English was better than my Portuguese and she guided me around. For the first time in months, I felt at ease realizing I could just be here. The environment, her hospitality and the other guests at the coliving created a beautiful energy.  Deep-Dive into the Accommodation: There are 9 rooms in total themed after cities around the world and we were in Amsterdam which is funny as my partner is Dutch. Each room has a desk and bathroom and the common areas were shared spaces. We had house rules around laundry and basically just being a respectful roomie and taking care of anything you leave behind. The common areas had filtered water which is very important as Brazilian tap water is unsafe to drink. There was a lovely pool and two 2 seater dining tables with a view of the pool as well as a large dining room table made of wood. There’s also a pool and it was comfortable for 9+ friends to hang. There’s also a really nice lunch spot just down the corner providing traditional and affordable Brazilian meats and dishes called Tropicana.  Community Host and Owner: Friends are abundant, Maria does a great job at keeping her community intact and invites previous guests to come and hang out so that HomeCool will always be a part of you no matter how long you decide to stay. She does recommend at least a week though to get a feel for the community. Unleash the Powerpuff Bros: As soon as we got there, it was Carnival and HomeCool was the center of all the action. Maria helped the boys get costumes and they unveiled out their feminine side and embraced the Powerpuff Girls. It was so fun to witness guys dressing up as girls. I actually had the chance to interview Blossom aka Manuel. He’s from Portugal and was able to share why he chose HomeCool, see below: Interview with Housemate: Q: What do you do Manuel? (AKA Blossom from the Power Puff GIrls) A: I work in recruitment and I came to Brazil to take the airplane pilot course? Q: Why Floripa? (Florianopolis nickname) A: I wanted to move to Brazil during the summer time. I checked Brazil on best places and this came in the top 2.  Q: How did you find out about HomeCool? A: It was actually a referral from friend of mine that gave me the recommendation. I’ve heard of colivings before and wanted to try it. Q: Have you been in a coliving before and if so, what draws you to come back to one? A: You get to meet people that are more serious about their careers and choose to stay for longer periods of time. It’s something everyone should do if they work remotely and surround yourself with people with the same economic power. Q: What were some of your first impressions about Floripa and HomeCool?  A: I was really surprised how safe and beautiful and mountainous Floripa was and I’m amazed at just how nice people are at the coliving. It’s the easiest way to meet new people.  Q: What else do you like about HomeCool?A: The architecture is amazing and I’d say the social life can be too much but if you want to be chill you can be chill. It’s up to you.  Q: How has it been to get accustomed to Floripa?A: The host Maria has helped me in anything and everything, without HomeCool, I wouldn’t have had such a Brazilian experience.  Q: Anything else you’d like to share?A: I’d recommend anyone coming to learn Portuguese to adapt to Brazilian culture and try to go in Summertime.  Wrapping Up: If you want a community of beautiful, friendly people, a gracious hostess, a lax coliving environment, a beautifully designed home with multiple fridges, and the ability to explore Florianopolis in a stellar downtown location, then HomeCool is for you! It’s a space that combines all the above and more. Feel free to Whatsapp Maria: (+55 48 99184-1195) or check out her website today and partake in a memorable and immersed experience with the local Floripians. Safety Wing Shoutout! Make sure you stay safe when you travel, don’t forget to check out Nomad Insurance from Safety Wing to prevent any boo-boo’s for when you’re abroad! I love it and can’t stop raving about it so this will not be the last time you hear of the amazing insurance catered just for nomads.  Stay tuned for our next blog post highlighting Carnival and Sites in the beautiful Florianopolis and why this upcoming hotspot is somewhere that should be on your radar today! In the meantime, check out these other amazing Carnival resources: Guide to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Guide to Rio de Janiero, Brazil Carnival Top of Page

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