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Tulsa Remote Program Requirements: 3 days in the Sooner state and sooner to moving!

Why this town is offering a 10K incentive to move for a year: A Journey Through the Tulsa Remote Program and its Requirements Imagine a thriving entrepreneur community, art and live music scene, and over 200+ days of sunshine and a place that’s open to paying you $10K to move out there! Sounds incredible right?  Look no further than the Tulsa Remote Program, where adventure meets opportunity in the heart of Oklahoma. I know you may be thinking, are you serious, what’s in Oklahoma!?  I was shocked too. I had the chance to be a +1 to my good friend who was a finalist in the Tulsa Remote program. From May 1st to May 4th, the Tulsa Remote Program welcomed us with open arms, promising finalists not just a relocation, but an experience to connect and witness their thriving community.  And boy, did it deliver! Schedule: Tulsa Remote Program The first day kicks off with a welcome networking event, where you meet fellow adventurers ready to embark on this life-changing journey with you.  But that’s just the beginning. Day Two showcases daily life possibilities in the city, promising a whirlwind of exploration. You start with a tour of the coworking space, 36 degrees, a hub of innovation where ideas flow as freely as the coffee. The space has ample amounts of room to cowork with plenty of after work activities for the makings of a burgeoning community. Then, it’s off to discover the hidden gems of Tulsa. We hop on a trolley car with locals sharing the history from the murals to town hangs. We get off to visit the Gathering Place, the #1 park in the US gifted by Tulsa’s philanthropic billionaire and is completely free to use for everyone! It’s an expansive park with a community center and outdoor activities to hang out during beautiful days. And just when you think it can’t get any better, you’re treated to a fancy, all-inclusive dinner that tantalize your taste buds. The menu changes every hosted visit to leave you coming back for more.  Day three approaches, you dive headfirst into the heart of Tulsa’s community spirit. A communal lunch brings people together, sharing stories and inspiration over delicious food. Then, it’s time to explore the city’s artistic soul with an art walk that ignites your senses and inspires your creativity.  The real magic happens at the entrepreneur-led mixer, where multiple startup communities host sponsored events to network and bond every first Friday of the month. And just like that, it’s Saturday, getaway day. But instead of feeling sad, we’re left feeling invigorated, knowing that this is just the beginning of our Tulsa adventure. With $10,000 waiting for you and the option to bring a plus one along for the ride, why not join? My friend decided to explore Oklahoma and discovered wild buffalos in the nearby state park before heading back to her current home in Seattle. It was a shockingly good and unexpected experience. The town was indeed charming and I really do hope my friend goes there. I may consider it in the future as I really find this town to be the next Austin, TX. (I’m from Texas, y’all and this is where I fly back to!) Qualifications: Ok that sounds amazing but how do I apply for the Tulsa Remote Program? To learn how to get started on the remote lifestyle and qualify for the Tulsa Remote program, check out one of these articles:1. A Definitive Guide to Access the Remote Lifestyle2. 22 Highest Paying Digital Nomad Jobs in 2024 Top of Page

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